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Nouvelles Etoiles organizers

Nouvelles Etoiles international online music competition is organized by the international cultural association ArtimA (based in Paris, France), represented by Maria Christiany (president of ArtimA and jury member of Nouvelles Etoiles) with the support of Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental (CRD) Jean Wiener (conservatory based in Bobigny, Grand Paris, France) and "Bright Bows" professional chamber orchestra from Novossibirsk (Siberia, Russia)


ARTIMA Association (Paris, France)

Founder and co-organizer

Franco-Russian music and arts center, ArtimA is the founder and co-organizer of Nouvelles Etoiles music competition and festival. Based in Paris, the school offers various artistic activities for children and adults, in several languages ​​(French, Russian and English). ArtimA is represented by Maria Christiany, violinist-concertist at an international level and violin teacher based in Paris (France).

Violin Players

Conservatoire Jean Wiener (Bobigny, France)


The "Jean Wiener" Departmental Conservatory in Bobigny has been a co-organizer and partner of Nouvelles Etoiles international online music competition since the beginning, in 2020. It offers music, song, theater and dance lessons, as well as a university, a documentation center and loan of instruments for its students.


Violin makers Maria Strelnikova and Alessandro Sironi


Maria Strelnikova and Alessandro Sironi are violin makers (luthiers) based in Cremona, Italy. They are partners of Nouvelles Étoiles competition since 2022 and of ArtimA Association (founder) for various years.

By creating this worldwide music competition, the objective of the organizers is to promote cultural exchanges between France and other countries and to support the professional development of talented young musicians from all over the world, especially since the Covid-19 sanitary crisis.

Jury members

Nouvelles Etoiles Jury Members

The Jury of Nouvelles Etoiles is composed of

French and international highly renowned music professionals.


Here below are the jury members

who participated to Nouvelles Etoiles.


Maria Christiany is the president of the intenational music and arts school ArtimA, founder and co-organizer of Nouvelles Etoiles competition.

Maria is a graduate of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow. After a concert career in Russia and at the international level, Maria moved to Paris in 2008 where she obtained the Certificate of Aptitude at the CNSM (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique) in Paris as well as a Master of Musicology at Paris 8 University.

Today, Maria is largely dedicated to teaching students of different ages and levels and organizes cultural exchange programs between France and Russia.

Jury Maria.jpg


Xenia Gamaris-Akeynikova is a quartet and chamber music teacher at the specialized school for gifted children "Gnessin" in Russia and First Violin at the "Rusquartet", in Russia as well. 

Jury simple-01.jpg


Andrei Shatskiy is a Professor at the Wind Instruments department of the State University "Ippolitov-Ivanov" in Moscow (Russia).

Jury simple-07.jpg


Tatiana Chuvakhina is a distinguished lyric and choir artist in Russia, based in Moscow.

Jury simple-09.jpg


David is a classical and jazz guitarist but also a neoclassical composer and author of nearly 600 works, including ten symphonies for string instruments and Les Angélismes, 366 spiritual songs for choirs. David is also the founder of the Parisian festival "Musique Sacrée en Capitale".

David Alan-Nihil - N&B.jpg


Victoria is a Doctor in pedagogical sciences, a professor of music (theory and methods of teaching) in Ukraine and a professor of music and choir singing at Association Artima in Paris.

Victoria Ulianova N&B.jpg


Tatiana is a pianist and chamber music teacher at the Glier Academy in Kyiv (Ukrain) and a piano teacher at the Artima Association in Paris (France).

Tatiana Borisenko 2 - N&B.jpg


Vadim Larchikov is Head of the Strings Instruments Department and Professor at the Higher Institute of Arts of Culture in Belgorod (Russia).

Jury simple-08.jpg


Alexis Galpérine is a French classical violinist.

During more than 30 years of career, Alexis Galpérine has performed as a soloist and as a chamber musician in most countries of Europe as well as in Japan, Russia, the Middle East and America.

Today Alexis is also a violin and pedagogy Professor at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance (CNSMD) in Paris and at the American Conservatory of Fontainebleau

Jury simple-10.jpg


Dmitry Chuvakhin is a Professor at the Winds Instruments department of the State University "Ippolitov-Ivanov" in Moscow, (Russia).


Deborah TANGUY

Deborah Tanguy is a professor - coordinator of the Department of Jazz at the Jean Wiener Conservatory, Bobigny, France

Déborah Tanguy N&B.jpg

Jean-Etienne SOTTY

Jean-Etienne Sotty studied accordion and musicology with the most distinguished teachers: Philippe Bourlois, Teodoro Anzellotti (accordion), Kai Köpp (research in interpretation), among others. He obtained his Master of Music Performance at the HKB in Bern (Switzerland) then studied in the 3rd higher cycle at the CNSMDP (Paris) as part of the Diplôme d'Artiste Interprète Répertoire Contemporain et Création. The same year, he was accepted in the Agrégation of Music competition, then he began a research on the augmented chords on an accordion as part of the Doctorate in Music Research and Practice at the CNSMDP/La Sorbonne.

He has been invited to major European stages: Konzerthaus (Wien), Théâtre du Châtelet (Paris), KKL in Lucerne, Kurt Weill Festival in Dessau, Les Subsistances (Lyon), Center George Pompidou/IRCAM (Paris), Sadler's Wells (London)… Contemporary music, working with composers, improvisation and musical theater are his priorities.


In each concert, he wants to convey this passion to his audience. This commitment made him earn the support of the Mécénat Musical Société Générale. Within the XAMP duo dedicated to creation, that he forms with Fanny Vicens, he participates in the realization of the first microtonal accordion in France.

Jean-Etienne Sotty 2_edited.jpg


Igor is a concert violinist, leader and solo violinist of the Uniart orchestra, based in France.

Igor FERLAN N&B.jpg
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